Where we are

B&B Monte Oliveto is located in the Oltrarno district, just a short walk from San Frediano gate. The famous “Lonely Planet” magazine has named our neighborhood the “coolest in the world” characterized by its narrow streets and tiny sidewalks, small artisan stores, typical trattorias, taverns, artists’ workshops and modern atelier where you can enjoy the Florence of the past immersed in a cosmopolitan mood. 

I felt in love with this neighborhood from the first day I moved here as a student, I immediately felt that the true Florentine spirit was here, with the artisan workshops, contemporary artists, students from all over the world and the Florentines who love and live the city. 

The San Frediano neighborhood is located just a few minutes’ walk from Pitti Palace, Piazza Santo Spirito (10 minutes), the famous Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery (20 minutes), Piazza del Duomo and San Lorenzo district (25 minutes).

What to do in the San Frediano neighborhood: 

CHURCHES: Basilica of Santa Maria del Carmine and the beautiful Brancacci Chapel frescoes by Masaccio, the Church of Santo Spirito with the famous crucifix made by Michelangelo in his youth, the Church of Cestello known as the “Church of San Frediano.” 

PLACES: Piazza Santo Spirito with its picturesque markets, restaurants and bars. Piazza del Carmine, Piazza della Passera, Piazza Piattellina with its unusual triangular shape. Piazza Tasso: the meeting point of the Florentines, and the beautiful Piazza Pitti where you can admire the magnificence of Palazzo Pitti and access from here into the Boboli Gardens. 

CRAFTSMANSHIP: “Get lost into the San Frediano’s streets!” This is what I always recommend to my guests, here you can discover artisan excellence and the true Florentine tradition. Peeking through the store windows you can see artisans at work and hear the sounds of tools shaping glass, metal and wood to create unique objects. 

Find below some historic artisans that I recommend you to visit: 

  • The old Florentine silk factory, in Via Bartolini, established in the mid-1600s, is one of the symbol of the neighborhood 
  • Another must for handicrafts made in San Frediano is Claudio Arezio and his workshop in Via del Leone, he makes violins, violas and musical instruments. 
  • Romanelli Gallery in Borgo San Frediano 70, an ancient gallery of sculptors and artists. 

Lose yourself in the small streets around Piazza Santo Spirito, Via Maggio, Via Santo Spirito, Sdrucciolo de Pitti, Borgo San Jacopo, in addition to the historic workshops of goldsmiths, leather and typographers you can also find contemporary artists, street artists and modern workshops, here  tradition and modernity coexist perfectly. 
Find below my suggestions:

  • Angela Caputi Giuggiù (modern jewelry store) 
  • Giulia Materia (clothing) 
  • Eugenia Back Jewelry (jewelry) 
  • Hello Wonderful (clothing) 
  • Momo vintage (vintage clothing) 


Where to eat in San Frediano:

The value of San Frediano is its authenticity, here you can find traditional trattorias and osterias where you can try traditional Florentine dishes, find below my recommendations: 

  • trattoria alla vecchia bettola 
  • trattoria dell’orto 
  • al Tranvai 
  • il Guscio 
  • Trattoria i’ brindellone 


Wine bars where you can taste excellent wines from Tuscany and beyond

  • Gastronomia il Giglio
  • Il Santino 
  • Le volpi e l’uva
  • Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina


Gourmet and elegant restaurants

  • Osteria del Pavone 
  • Santa Rosa Bistro 
  • Burro e Acciughe (fish) 
  • Il Cestello (fish) 
  • L’essenziale


Ice cream

  • Sbrino
  • La Sorbettiera
  • Gelateria la Carraia 


Cocktail and drinks

  • Mad 
  • Bulli e Balene
  • Santa Rosa Bistro